about us

General background of Baraki Sisters' Farm

The Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa (IHSA) established Baraki Sister’s Farm in 1976. IHSA is a faith-based organization of female nuns based in the municipality of Musoma (Mara Region), which is registered under the Societies Act; CAP .337 R.E. 2002 on 13 June 2008. The Sisters hold a Certificate of Registration Number SO. 15917.

Baraki Sisters Farm is a social and economic wing of IHSA that aims to alleviate poverty for those living in rural areas. The farm, which covers an area of 394 hectares (960 acres), was established with a title deed of 66 years and is registered under the ownership of IHSA. The farm is located in Rorya District Mara Region.

Since Baraki Farm began, it has been at the forefront of community development activities, initiating endeavours such as agriculture, dairy farming, livestock farming, health clinic and education. The farm has been instrumental in developing the livestock sector, not only at Baraki Village, but also the country of Tanzania. It has significantly improved dairy farming and supplied quality heifers and bulls to livestock farmers within and outside the Mara Region.


The vision of Baraki Sisters’ Farm is to see poverty is alleviated to all people of Baraki ward in Rorya district in Mara region


To expand rural economic opportunities through helping rural Tanzanians by promoting agriculture, livestock farming, milk processing and dairy farming that better nourishes Tanzanians while also helping improve food security, health and education